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The Big Picture

The Big Picture: An Ecological Disaster? Is a report compiled by Tim Paisley On Behalf of The Predation Action Group.   The PAG decided that to identify predation as simply a fish and angling problem was too narrow a view. Research is being carried out by biodiversity bodies into the broadening diet of otters. Put simply, signal crayfish, cormorants (and goosanders where present) have made, and continue to make, such serious inroads into what is, historically, the otter’s accepted diet – fish life in rivers – that the otter is being forced to forage for food beyond its normal horizons. Big fish have become targets, as have birds and small mammals. In The Big Picture we have published two research documents focusing on the increasing bird content of otters’ diet, one based on research in Norfolk and the other in Somerset.   We hope that the clear warning we have fired out via our document Predation: an Ecological Disaster. The Big Picture provokes a serious reaction from someone who has the influence to trigger a course of action which will see something done about the situation.  

Mr Tim Paisley

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Following the publication of Predation: an Ecological Disaster: The Big Picture we have been made aware that there are some differences of opinion over the figures quoted for some of the undoubtedly severe carp losses suffered in Yorkshire as a result of otter predation. The figures quoted by the author, Mark Holmes, are considered to be from reliable sources and have been published in good faith. Tim Paisley, Chairman, Predation Action Group.







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