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PAG Trail Camera Loan Scheme
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Are you a club, syndicate or fishery owner who is concerned about predation on your fishery?
We now have a number of trail cameras which we are offering on a long-term loan scheme to appropriate applicants. The cameras are motion-activated and run on batteries, and can be sited at key positions on your fishery to help monitor ‘visitors’, and assess if your fishery is in danger from predation. Photos taken can be viewed on site each day, or downloaded for recording purposes. Depending on which part of the country your water is situated, it may be possible for a member of the PAG to visit the site and provide help in installing and setting up the camera(s). Whilst the cameras will continue to be the property of the PAG, they will be yours to use on a long-term loan basis. The only items you need to obtain are AA batteries and a SD Card (up to 32GB) to store the recorded data.All the PAG require from you is that you share information gained from using the camera on your fishery, including any relevant photographs. Please apply by downloading the application form on this site and forwarding it to us.

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