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Otter fencing

For those interested in fencing their waters against otters then there is a wealth of information on the web simply by entering ‘otter fencing’, or ‘otter fencing grants’.

Fencing Grant
The EA funded the research into what was needed for otter proof fencing in 2004 – see their final Press Release of Feb 2005.
NO cash has been on offer to build otter fences themselves till 2009, the £100,000 that’s been mentioned.

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For the recommended fencing itself click on the links below to download two reports:

Otter Predation and Fencing Report (text)

Otter Predation and Fencing Report (illustrations)

That shows the correct design of fencing, and gives chapter and verse of all the research that led to this fence design. Note half measures of decoy ponds, other forms of cheaper fencing etc, are not worth investing in, in any way shape or form. Even Graham Scholey, who heads up the Otter BAPS Group, agrees with that-expensive fencing is the only type that works.

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