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Organisations who actively support the PAG are:

Angling Publications Logo
Angling Publications
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Carp Crazy, Guisborough, Cleveland

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Rushden Angling
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Fosters of Birmingham

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Fox International

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Quest Baits

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Angling Direct

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The Tackle Box

Litchfield Angling Centre

Lichfield Angling Centre


Matchmen Angling Centre

Phat Fish

Phat Fish

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ClimaxFishing Tackle


The Predation Action Group – Patrons

We are proud to announce that the following people are patrons supporting the work of the Predation Action Group:

kev knight
Kev Knight

bill cottam
Bill Cottam

bob church
Bob Church

chris ball
Chris Ball

chris ball
Chris Burt

chris tarrant
Chris Tarrant OBE

cliff fox
Cliff Fox

danny fairbrass
Danny Fairbrass

des taylor
Des Taylor

jerry hammond
Jerry Hammond

jim davidson
Jim Davidson OBE

julian cundiff
Julian Cundiff

kevin clifford
Kevin Clifford

kevin nash
Kevin Nash

lee jackson
Lee Jackson

len gurd
Len Gurd

les webber
Les Webber MBE

rob hughes
Rob Hughes

rob maylin
Rob Maylin

rod hutchinson
Rod Hutchinson

terry hearn
Terry Hearn

terry hearn
Bob Nudd OBE

terry hearn
Dilip Sarkar MBE


The effects of predation are a serious issue facing fishing in the UK, we are the people facing the issue.

Who, What, Why >>

The Predation Action Group researches and reports on the effects of predation on fisheries and angling in Great Britain...
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Otter Fencing>>

The use of fencing to prevent access by otters to fisheries.

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Press & Media >>

Predation Action Group news, advertising campaigns, press snippets, features, articles and more...
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The Big Picture >>

Predation : An Ecological Disaster? A report compiled by Tim Paisley On Behalf of The Predation Action Group...
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